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Gina Watson

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Score By: Gina Watson

Year: 2013  |  File Size: 0.8MB  |  File Type: PDF  |  Pages: 128
Category: Romance Fiction

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For fans of Fifty Shades of Grey, Bared to You, and Release Me comes a new erotic romance series about five brothers from a wealthy & powerful southern family and the women who will stop at nothing to keep them satisfied.


St. Martin Family Saga follows five brothers as they wreak havoc on the hearts of women in whiskey cove.

St. Martin Family Saga

*Score #1

*Shameless #2

*Shatter #3

*Suited #4

*Smolder #5


He was handsome, sexy, confident, and a complete bastard.

So what was she doing in his bed? Hadn't he proved to her again and again that all he was good for was bringing her pain. To be fair, last night she'd felt no pain, only pleasure.


Caleb sensed the warm naked body in bed next to him. He knew it was Chloe but what he couldn’t figure out was why. He’d grown up next door to her, had teased her relentlessly. And she’d hated him for it. Memories from last night of the curves she’d grown into had his mouth going dry. He’d had no words with which to tease, all he could do was moan.


Had Chloe actually had sex with a man she’d hated for a decade? A full percussion section was banging in Chloe’s head as the memories came to her in pieces . . . martinis, dancing, his hands, his hardness. God, he’d been solid male muscle. This can’t be happening. Hadn’t she made a commitment to herself to settle the score with Caleb if given the chance? Instead, she was right back where she was all those years ago, panting after him in all of his unobtainable glory.




I loved this book. I couldn't put it down. The sex was hot and part of the story—Between the Sheets book blog, on Score

I absolutely love, love, love, the St. Martin men. All are macho, over confident, alpha, bad boy millionaires—Amazon Review, on Shameless

The story line was really good I couldn't put the book down. The characters were very well developed—Reviews by Bre, on Score

I burned up on re-entry. The ending is a so hot I had to take it slow or risk self combustion

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This Download is Available to Members Only

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