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Modern Operating Systems
Second Edition
Andrew S. Tanenbaum


Year | 2001

File Type | PDF

File Size | 6.5MB

Pages | 1141

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About This Book:

The widely anticipated revision of this worldwide best seller incorporates the latest developments in operating systems technologies. Hundreds of pages of new material on a wealth of subjects have been added. This authoritative, example-based reference offers practical, hands-on information in constructing and understanding modern operating systems. Continued in this second edition are the "big picture" concepts, presented in the clear and entertaining style that only Andrew S. Tanenbaum can provide. Tanenbaum's long experience as the designer or co-designer of three operating systems brings a knowledge of the subject and wealth of practical detail that few other books can match. FEATURES \ NEW-New chapters on computer security, multimedia operating systems, and multiple processor systems. NEW-Extensive coverage of Linux, UNIXо, and Windows 2000 as examples. NEW-Now includes coverage of graphical user interfaces, multiprocessor operating systems, trusted systems, viruses, network terminals, CD-ROM file systems, power management on laptops, RAID, soft timers, stable storage, fair-share scheduling, three-level scheduling, and new paging algorithms. NEW-Most chapters have a new section on current research on the chapter's topic. NEW-Focus on single-processor computer systems; a new book for a follow-up course on distributed systems is also available from Prentice Hall. NEW-Over 200 references to books and papers published since the first edition. NEW-The Web site for this book contains PowerPoint slides, simulators, figures in various formats, and other teaching aids.

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