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Markov Decision Processes
Discrete Stochastic Dynamic Programming
Martin L Puterman

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Markov Decision Processes By: Martin L Puterman

Year: 2005  |  File Size: 31.6MB  |  File Type: PDF  |  Pages: 667
Category: Mathematics

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The past decade has seen considerable theoretical and applied research on Markov decision processes, as well as the growing use of these models in ecology, economics, communications engineering, and other fields where outcomes are uncertain and sequential decision-making processes are needed. A timely response to this increased activity, Martin L. Puterman's new work provides a uniquely up-to-date, unified, and rigorous treatment of the theoretical, computational, and applied research on Markov decision process models. It discusses all major research directions in the field, highlights many significant applications of Markov decision processes models, and explores numerous important topics that have previously been neglected or given cursory coverage in the literature. Markov Decision Processes focuses primarily on infinite horizon discrete time models and models with discrete time spaces while also examining models with arbitrary state spaces, finite horizon models, and continuous-time discrete state models. The book is organized around optimality criteria, using a common framework centered on the optimality (Bellman) equation for presenting results. The results are presented in a "theorem-proof" format and elaborated on through both discussion and examples, including results that are not available in any other book. A two-state Markov decision process model, presented in Chapter 3, is analyzed repeatedly throughout the book and demonstrates many results and algorithms. Markov Decision Processes covers recent research advances in such areas as countable state space models with average reward criterion, constrained models, and models with risk sensitive optimality criteria. It alsoexplores several topics that have received little or no attention in other books, including modified policy iteration, multichain models with average reward criterion, and sensitive optimality. In addition, a Bibliographic Remarks section in each chapter comments on relevant historical references in the book's extensive, up-to-date bibliography...numerous figures illustrate examples, algorithms, results, and computations...a biographical sketch highlights the life and work of A. A. Markov...an afterword discusses partially observed models and other key topics...and appendices examine Markov chains, normed linear spaces, semi-continuous functions, and linear programming. Markov Decision Processes will prove to be invaluable to researchers in operations research, management science, and control theory. Its applied emphasis will serve the needs of researchers in communications and control engineering, economics, statistics, mathematics, computer science, and mathematical ecology. Moreover, its conceptual development from simple to complex models, numerous applications in text and problems, and background coverage of relevant mathematics will make it a highly useful textbook in courses on dynamic programming and stochastic control.
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"This text is unique in bringing together so many results hitherto found only in part in other texts and papers. . . . The text is fairly self-contained, inclusive of some basic mathematical results needed, and provides a rich diet of examples, applications, and exercises. The bibliographical material at the end of each chapter is excellent, not only from a historical perspective, but because it is valuable for researchers in acquiring a good perspective of the MDP research potential."
-Zentralblatt fur Mathematik
." . . it is of great value to advanced-level students, researchers, and professional practitioners of this field to have now a complete volume (with more than 600 pages) devoted to this topic. . . . Markov Decision Processes: Discrete Stochastic Dynamic Programming represents an up-to-date, unified, and rigorous treatment of theoretical and computational aspects of discrete-time Markov decision processes."
-Journal of the American Statistical Association

About the Author :

Martin L Puterman has contributed to Markov Decision Processes: Discrete Stochastic Dynamic Programming as an author. Martin L. Puterman, PhD, is Advisory Board Professor of Operations and Director of the Centre for Operations Excellence at The University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

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