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Keep Your Brain Alive
83 Neurobic Exercises to Help Prevent Memory Loss and Increase Mental Fitness
Lawrence C. Katz, Manning Rubin

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Keep Your Brain Alive By: Lawrence C. Katz, Manning Rubin

Year: 1999  |  File Size: 2.5MB  |  File Type: PDF  |  Pages: 80
Category: Self Help

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No more punch lines that just slipped away. No more names on the tip of your tongue. No more senior moments! Drawing on cutting-edge neurological research, how to keep your brain alive: 83 neurobic exercises brings help to everyone whose memory is starting to slip. Devised by Dr. Lawrence Katz, a professor of neurobiology at Duke University Medical Center, and Manning Rubin, author of 60 Ways to Relieve Stress in 60 Seconds, here is a regimen of mental cross-training that can be done anywhere, by anyone, at any time of day. The premise is simple: When you exercise the brain, you release natural growth factors called neurotrophins, which in turn enhance the brain's level of fitness. And nothing so easily stimulates the brain as breaking routines and using the five senses in new and unexpected ways. So if you're right-handed, wake up tomorrow and brush your teeth with your left hand. Or close your eyes before you get into the car and then get the key into the ignition. Every time you open a new circuit in your brain, it's like doing a round of mental sit-ups, without the pain.

68,000 copies in print.

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