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How to Connect Deeply and Unleash the Energetic Leader Within
Achim Nowak

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Infectious By: Achim Nowak

Year: 2013  |  File Size: 4.3MB  |  File Type: EPUB  |  Pages: 149
Category: Management

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Technology has transformed the way we communicate. We sendand receive more and more emails every day. We text. We tweet. We have reducedour communications down to efficient sound bites—and at the same time, many ofus seem to know less and less about how to connect. Deeply, profoundly connect.

In Infectious,acclaimed performance coach Achim Nowak introduces the reader to his powerfulfour Levels of Connection. Tested and honed through fifteen years of coachingsenior-level executives around the globe, Nowak's techniques instantly transformthe skills taught in traditional business communication and NLP programs.People who connect deeply with others connect on four levels: They shapeconversations with effortless grace, and they play consciously with theunspoken elements of a connection—personal power, intention, and energy. Theresult? Infectious connections that accelerate personal success!

Infectious offerssimple language cues that deepen and shift the art of conversation. It breaksthe idea of power into five tangible plugs that we can turn to—and turn on.These plugs recharge the quality of our connection with anyone we meet. Itshows how we can clarify our intentions, and how this clarification immediatelyfosters a more potent connection. Finally, this book demystifies the experienceof energy—the deepest of the four levels, and the root of any connection. Itlooks at how we access our energy. Remove energy blocks. Play with energy andown it.

This highly practical book reshapes the hidden forces of aconnection into simple, step-by-step actions. Apply the tools of Infectious and generate your own infectious connections!

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