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Can You Learn to Be Happy?
Tal Ben-Shahar

Self Help

Year | 2007

File Type | PDF

File Size | 1.6MB

Pages | 210

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About This Book:

Can YouLearn to BeHappy?

YES . . . according to the teacher of HarvardUniversity's most popular and life-changingcourse. One out of every five Harvard studentshas lined up to hear Tal Ben-Shahar'sinsightful and inspiring lectures on thatever-elusive state: HAPPINESS.

Grounded in the revolutionary "positive psychology" movement, Ben-Shahar ingeniously combines scientific studies, scholarly research, self-help advice, and spiritual enlightenment. He weaves them together into a set of principles that you can apply to your daily life. Once you open your heart and mind to Happier 's thoughts, you will feel more fulfilled, more connected . . . and, yes, HAPPIER.

"Dr. Ben-Shahar, one of the most popular teachers in Harvard's recent history, has written a personal, informed, and highly enjoyable primer on how to become happier. It would be wise to take his advice."
--Ellen J. Langer, author of "Mindfulness" and "On Becoming an Artist"

"This fine book shimmers with a rare brand of good sense that is imbedded in scientific knowledge about how to increase happiness. It is easy to see how this is the backbone of the most popular course at Harvard today."
--Martin E. P. Seligman, author of "Authentic Happiness"

If you're a "rat racer," who lives inthe hope of being happy in the future, and yet isunable to enjoy the here-and-now . . .

If you're a "hedonist," who findssome pleasure in the good things in life--goodwine, good food, good company--and yet isunable to enjoy lasting fulfillment . . .

If you're a "nihilist," who's completelygiven up on finding happiness . . .you can learn to be happier!

Thousands of Harvard University students havediscovered that you can become happier. Theylearned the secret to lasting fulfillment fromacclaimed teacher Tal Ben-Shahar's class onpositive psychology--a branch of psychologythat combines the latest scientific research withgood old common sense. Now you can join hisclass and learn how positive psychology canmake you happier right now--no lottery windfall, job promotion, or new love required.

Think of "Happier" as your own personalworkbook. As you read each chapter's illuminatingdiscussion on happiness and incorporateits simple exercises into your daily routine, youwill see every aspect of your life with new eyesand a new sense of purpose.

When you learn how to live for today andfor tomorrow at the same time, you learn how tobalance your immediate personal needs withlong-term goals and enjoy life as you never havebefore.

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