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Forget Strategy, Get Results
Radical Management Attitudes That Will Deliver Outstanding Success
Michael Tobin

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Forget Strategy, Get Results By: Michael Tobin

Year: 2014  |  File Size: 0.6MB  |  File Type: EPUB  |  Pages: 139
Category: Management

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Radical, creative, often extreme, and incredibly successful management techniques from a leading global entrepreneur

Written from the point of view of someone achieving business success in today's turbulent economy, Forget Strategy. Get Results offers you a fresh way of thinking about successfully managing any sort of business, under any conditions. Controversial, thought-provoking, and entertaining, it delivers TelecityGroup founder and CEO, Michael Tobin's, OBE unconventional approach to management and shares the lessons he's learned on his path to building one of the world's largest data center provider companies. Radical, creative, often extreme, the techniques it describes are the same ones Michael uses every day at TelecityGroup, and with which he has achieved nothing short of awe-inspiring results.

Inspiration and practical tips for managers or business leaders who are stuck in a rut and in search of new ways to motivate their teams, make bolder decisions and handle change with more agility
Makes managers at all levels rethink and reassess the way they plan, manage, and deliver vision in their organizations
Identifies eleven fundamental rules that any manager or leader can adopt at any level in any organization
Identifies the core characteristics that underpin Michael Tobin's, OBE controversial management philosophy and illustrates how they have been applied with fascinating, often hilarious stories and vignettes

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This Download is Available to Members Only

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